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Once the day of your trip is here, keeping a few tips in mind will help make everything go as smoothly as possible. Arrive early. We have assembled detailed suggested arrival time information, but in general, If you need to check a bag, arrive at least 90 minutes before domestic flights. If you are not checking bags, arrive at least 60 minutes before a domestic flight departs. For international travel, arrive at least two hours early. Add some padding to the standard recommended arrival times, to make sure your trip starts out as arranged

Destination Review

Azman Air will commence with domestic operation in Nigeria and visit destinations such as Abuja,Lagos,Kano,Kaduna and Yola. If you�re looking for domestic flights in Nigeria or future international flights to destinations further afield, Azman Air and Partners can help get you there for less. As one of the main players at the forefront of Africa�s fastest growing airline crowd, Azman Air looks up to flying up to ten or more destinations, both locally and abroad. The intending International flights will be from Kano, Abuja and Lagos.Bookings for flights to Dubai on our platform will also commence in earnest. Go transatlantic in a minute with flights to Jidda Airport from Azman Air. Jidda flights from Azman Air will be available on Mondays and Fridays. All Azman Air Jidda flights will arrive/depart Terminal 2 at Jidda Airport and take approximately 4 hours. Check online for these flights as soon as they are available.

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You may also want to refer to our Airport Information at the ticket counter hours page to plan your arrival accordingly. Checking in at the airport on time helps us to get your flight away on schedule. Domestic flights departing from domestic terminals, check-in opens two hours before your scheduled departure. For international flights, check-in opens three hours before your scheduled departure. Check-in closes strictly 30 minutes before the scheduled departure for domestic flights and for international flights check-in closes strictly 60 minutes before the scheduled departure